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You can count on The CPR and Safety Lady, Gail Gould. The CPR and Safety Lady use a fun and interactive CPR training method to educate you and ensure you feel confident and prepared for accidents or emergencies in the home or workplace. 

Training Opportunities


Online Training Library

Access Gail's library of mini-courses and full-fledged courses from your computer or mobile device from the Wix app.


Live & Online Events

Watch Gail share helpful tips and training on Facebook Live, Instagram TV, and exclusive training hosted on the Zoom platform.


CPR Certification

Certify yourself or your entire team when you request in-person, on-location training with Gail Gould, The CPR and Safety Lady.


Access Training Put Together By a 30+ Year CPR Training Veteran

Sign up today to access decades of professional experience and knowledge compiled into a continually growing online library of resources.

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Empower Your In-House Team To Handle Emergencies Correctly

Gail has been CPR training individuals and teams for over 30 years. She will teach you how to correctly help someone affected by an emergency situation.  Your team will be well-prepared to care for a victim until advanced help arrives.

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Discover How To Help Your Choking Child

No parent should ever lose their child to choking.  Learn more about the mini-course you can complete in less than an hour and empower yourself to help your child.

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