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Learn CPR from Gail Gould, The CPR and Safety Lady

Empowering individuals, teams, and organizations to become confident and action-ready lifesavers in critical moments.

Meet Gail Gould
The CPR and Safety Lady

Gail Gould, "The CPR and Safety Lady" in Houston, boasts over 30 years of experience in CPR and safety training. With a Master’s in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, her expertise extends to major corporations, schools, and healthcare settings. Gail's dedication to teaching life-saving skills is evident in her widespread impact and professional accomplishments.

Work with The CPR and Safety Lady

You can count on The CPR and Safety Lady, Gail Gould. Gail focuses on a fun and interactive CPR training method to educate you and ensure you feel confident and prepared for accidents or emergencies in the home or workplace. 

For Teams & Organizations

Gail's training goes beyond basic procedures; it's about instilling a sense of responsibility and readiness in every team member. When emergencies arise, your team won’t just react—they'll respond with the expert training they've received from Gail Gould, The CPR and Safety Lady.


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Programs & Courses

Empower your team to handle emergencies correctly! Gail has been CPR training individuals and teams for over 30 years. She will teach you how to correctly help someone affected by an emergency situation.  Your team will be well-prepared to care for a victim until advanced help arrives.

First Aid Kit
"Just took a CPR/First Aid class with @thecprandsafetylady. I highly recommend it! I feel more confident about taking care of my grandson now."


Book The CPR & Safety Lady

Gail can help individuals and businesses get the required training and certification necessary to stay in compliance with internal, local, state, and federal programs.

Discover Lifesaving Insights: Explore My Blog

From the latest in CPR techniques to practical first aid tips, I craft every post to enhance your understanding and readiness for emergencies. I believe in empowering every individual with the knowledge to make a difference when it counts the most. 

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Follow @TheCPRandSafetyLady for daily snippets of fun and safety! Gail's Instagram is your go-to for tips and tricks that could one day save a life. 

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