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My Journey to Becoming the 'CPR and Safety Lady'

My Journey to Becoming the 'CPR and Safety Lady'

Every nickname has a unique story attached to it, and my moniker 'The CPR and Safety Lady' is no different. Over the past 30 years, I've devoted my professional life to teaching CPR and advocating for safety, a passion deeply rooted in my desire to save lives. Yet, it was my personal experience that truly shaped my identity as a fervent child safety advocate.

Late Motherhood and an Unconventional Path

Life did not guide me down the motherhood until I was in my late 30s. After spending over two years attempting to conceive naturally without success, my partner and I decided to adopt. This journey, albeit filled with highs and lows, stretched over a challenging eight-year period.

In 2003, when I was 49, I received the life-changing call about a baby in California. As I held him for the first time, every hardship, every tear shed, seemed completely worth the struggle.

The Birth of 'The CPR and Safety Lady': From Instructor to Advocate

The joy of becoming a mother not only marked the beginning of a new life chapter for me but also revolutionized my career. I transformed from being just a CPR instructor to becoming a passionate advocate for safety.

I found myself addressing topics that ranged from identifying choking hazards, to emphasizing playground safety, to educating about appropriate water temperatures and the risks associated with backyard pools and food allergies. My primary aim was to prevent potential tragedies from occurring, which led to the birth of my persona as 'The CPR and Safety Lady'.

Some labeled me a 'Helicopter Mommy' due to my vigilant approach to parenting, but this didn't deter me. Julie Lythcott-Haims, the respected author of 'How to Raise an Adult' affirms that my heightened sense of vigilance is valid, considering the painstaking journey I undertook to become a parent.

Today, my mission, more fervently than ever, is to equip caregivers with the necessary knowledge to prevent childhood emergencies. After all, we all harbor the same desire - to provide the best possible environment for our children.

My nickname 'The CPR and Safety Lady' may summarize my mission, but my journey represents much more – a testament to resilience, commitment, and an unwavering love for the safety of children.

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